Who's The Boss?!

(well besides you of course)

Lip Gloss Boss was founded in 2015 by owner & head gloss boss Dani Novack after having her favorite gloss discontinued. The search was on and one day, someone suggested that instead of finding a new fave, she should make her own. Ta-da! It was the light bulb moment that meant everything!

She then went on to create the first product, Crystal Clear Gloss... then the Magic Wand Collection, and finally choosing to rebrand Crystal Clear into the best selling hybrid gloss, BALMY GLOSS, in 2018.

Here at Lip Gloss Boss, we set out to create the best quality glosses, all while sticking to our guns... that meant creating products that would never (ever) be tested on animals. Plus the gloss had to make our lips look and feel gorgeous.

Well we did just that...

Lip Gloss Boss is a premium line of lip gloss infused with mint, to not only provide maximum shine, but to also keep lips moisturized, healthy and supple.

We created these glosses just for ourselves, but couldn't keep it from others for too long, so we just had to share it with the world... oh you lucky thing you!

Cruelty Free & Never Tested On Bunnies, Just Hunnies.